How to travel alone!

My solo trip to Rome ❤

As a woman, I was always taught to be aware of my surroundings and stay with a group or partner at all times. Worries and fears were always placed in my mind, and I always had to fight the urge to book a plane ticket by myself and go where I always dreamed of. We as women cannot let these fears dictate our lives. In my 21 years, I have managed to travel to multiple different countries, both alone and with others. I want to help anyone who is hesitant to travel make their journey a little easier. Traveling alone is an empowering experience everyone should have. 

First, learn about where you are traveling to. This might seem like a known fact, but doing a deep dive in the specific area you plan on visiting is a must. Not only will it make you more comfortable once you arrive, but youll have a sense of where things are located. Research the culture and learn some phrases to enhance your trip. Think: “do they tip? What is respectable to wear here?” 

Second, dont overshare. Although I definitely recommend talking to locals or other tourists, there is a limit. Aspects such as where you’re staying should stay out of the conversation. If you start feeling uncomfortable, find a way to divert the conversation and plan your exit. This brings me to my third point, be aware of your surroundings. I always wear a crossbody bag with my arm over it to prevent theft. Plus, you have to see who is around you at all times, especially in major cities. Looking over your shoulder once in a while doesnt hurt, and can offer some reassurance.

Personally, I found the hardest part of traveling alone to be eating alone. Sometimes it felt necessary and I enjoyed it, other times I longed for some company and good conversation. I later found out that some hostels offer group meals! This is absolutely a life changer because you get to meet people in the same boat as you and maybe even make some new traveling friends. 

My biggest takeaway I can offer is to honestly relax and enjoy your time abroad. This solo trip is dedicated to you, so do whatever you want. This can be your time to learn things you never knew about yourself or take a break from reality. Whatever your reasoning for traveling alone is, listen to your gut and book that trip. 

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