Country Hopping!

Weekend in Paris

Travelling around Europe is an absolute dream but can seem like a hard and stressful thing to accomplish. This summer, I had the most incredible opportunity to study in Italy with one of my best friends. While in Florence, we decided to travel to Amsterdam and Paris too. My other friends decided to go to Switzerland too. So, If youre wondering how to get around Europe efficiently, keep reading. 

Finding the best type of transportation is key to making it smooth. For example, what would have been a 10 hour train ride from Florence to Paris can be a 2 hour flight. The timing is also important. Because we were taking classes abroad, we had to make sure we were back in time for them and maximized the most of the few days we traveled. Finding a flight around 4 am is perfect because by the time you get to your final destination, it’s early enough to have a full day in the country. 

refrence photo for the story below 🙂

As for lodging, it truly depends on what you’re looking for. Personally, we were on a budget so hostels were the perfect option for us. Staying in a hostel allowed us to have more money for Parisian adventures and we were able to meet some fellow travelers as well! In Amsterdam, we managed to find a cheap hotel right in the center. Now, travelling to Amsterdam was a little different. After looking for the cheapest way to travel, we realized a city an hour’s train ride outside of Amsterdam, Eindhoven, is a lot cheaper to fly into. So, we took a plane to Eindhoven and then a train to Amsterdam Centrale. The problem was, the train station happened to be a 2.5 mile walk to our hotel. Although it was a hike, the two of us had a blast exploring the beautiful city. When country hopping, be prepared for some setbacks. Just like the example I explained before, sometimes things happen out of our control. It can be useful to have a backup plan. 

Tour groups are a perfect way to see Europe while on a budget. This summer, we used Smart Trips for tours to the Amalfi Coast, vineyards, and Switzerland. We did not have to worry about booking transportation or lodging, and were able to enjoy adventure packed days and meet a bunch of people with similar interests. You can find groups based on age groups, activities, and so on to find the perfect fit! 

All in all, country hopping in Europe is not only possible but necessary! If youre planning a trip soon definitely consider it.

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