Travel Destination Guide: Florence

Italy might be one of the most magical places on Earth, and I had the trip of my lifetime living in Florence for a whole month (although I wish it was longer). During my stay, I went to so many different restaurants, bars, clubs, museums, and other activities that just made my trip even more perfect. 

The food I ate was some of the most incredible meals I’ve ever had. A glass of wine was a necessity for every meal, most of which were pasta. 


Acqua al 2- Not only was their pear ravioli to die for, but the service and atmosphere was absolutely incredible. Twinkle lights sparkled the restaurant and Chianti Classico filled everyones glass. 

La Giostra- Settled right between the Duomo and Piazza Santa Croce, this place has served many world famous celebrities. And these celebrities know their food. The Tagliatelle con Calamari e Pomodorini was a hit amongst the group.

La Milkeria- While Italians arent big on breakfast, this place is here to serve all your needs. The avocado toast, iced coffees, and grill bar with the best pancakes, crepes, and waffles I’ve ever had, made this place a regular for our month.

Dantes- The food was great but the kicker is… unlimited wine. Yes, you read that right. Need I say more?

Osteria Il Basilico- We happened to stumble upon this restaurant on our first night, and needless to say it was life changing. I cleared the plate when it came to the Gniocchi Alla Sorrentina and Caprese Bufala 

Caffe Del Verone- The incredible rooftop view of the city skiline made this place a dream.

Vivoli- Did someone say GELATO? There’s a shop on every corner but this place was so delicious. The golden rule to follow when finding a gelateria: make sure it’s not piled high!  

Places to see:

Piazzale Michelangelo- A hike that is so worth it with the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen overlooking the whole city. Bring a bottle of wine and some friends to enjoy it even more. 

Florentine Botanical Gardens- The perfect photo op in the oldest botanical gardens in the world

Gucci Garden- Each room has a completely different theme, each unique and beautiful on its own. The museum is three floors of incredible artistry and did I mention there’s a gift shop?

Mercato Centrale Firenze- The best leather bags/goods I have ever seen. Haggling is a must and trust me, it works. I managed to get a 100 Euro bag for 25. 

Statue of David at Accademia Gallery- Florence’s most visited museum. Other works of art are featured but the statue is breathtaking. 

Boboli Gardens- Located behind Pitti Palace, the Medici Family established this beautiful place filled with gardens and statues. 

Piazza Del Duomo- The iconic cathedral is located right in the center of many shops, restaurants and bars, If youre feeling adventurous, you can get a tour all the way to the top of the dome for a fantastic view of the city. 

Ponte Vechio- The best place for beautiful jewlery.

Bars/ Clubs:

Red Garter- Such a fun place with one room as a club and another as a karaoke bar! Get there early because people love to sing, and the drinks are delicious. 

Lions Fountain- The perfect bar for every college student. If you like sweet drinks, order a ‘blitz’ but be careful… This is a fair warning. This place is so unique as it has a special shot for each college and univerity. 

Flo- Our absolute favorite club, it is all outdoors and such a pretty place to dance all night long (i’m not kidding, we stayed until the lights turned on). 

Villa Vittoria- Another fun outdoor club with a lot of room and a huge bar. 

Reverse- A fun bar to meet other study abroad students!

Florence is a beautiful city full of so many places to go for everyone, if I could move there I would. 

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