Day Trips in Italy

Italy is a large country full of so much to see and do, and vacations are hardly enough to explore the whole country with everything it has to offer. While staying in Florence, I was able to make the journey to a few day trips and saw so many different aspects of the country I didn’t expect. Wherever youre based, there are so many day trips to go on and new experiences to have!

The first day trip I went to was Siena. Just an hour drive from Florence, Siena is the perfect quaint town to visit for the day. Located in Tuscany, the city’s filled with medival-esque architecture and historic, captivating views. While in the Tuscan region, make sure to try some Ribollita, a Tuscan bread soup made with vegetables. Honestly, it is the most delicious meal I have ever had and four months later I’m still dreaming about it. 

Some things I saw when I was there:

  • Basilica di San Domenico

A beautiful old church that dates back to the 1200’s. While a lot of it was damaged over the years due to fires and other natural devices, it is still a spectacular sight to see.

  • Piazza del Campo

In the heart of the historic city, this “square” is the perfect place to start as it is easy to navigate yourself to all the other important places nearby. The square is surrounded by shops, cafes, and Italian homes to delve into. 

  • Prato di Sant Agostino

Although this isn’t a normal “tourist” spot to visit, it is a beautiful park located at the top of the city, with an incredible view. We happened to stumble upon this place, and it was spectacular. Be a kid again and go on the swings to look over Siena.

Another day trip I took was to Pisa. Also an hour away from Florence, Pisa is a great city to visit for a day, or even half of one!

  • Leaning Tower of Pisa

The biggest, and most famous aspect of the city is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tilted, freestanding bell tower is a bucket list item you definitely should accomplish. For 18 euros, you can climb up to the top and take in the beautiful scenery. Right next to the tower, a street of nice cafes and restaurants are situated. 

  • Duomo di Pisa

I realized shortly after I arrived in Italy that there is a Duomo in every city, yet each one is equally as unique and interesting to visit. After learning this, I made sure to visit every duomo and inspect all their differences. 

Another day trip is perfect for people who love to lounge at the beach and spend a day in the sun. Viareggio is a beautiful town with exquisite beaches and the softest sand. Visiting Viareggio was strictly a relaxing beach day, but the perfect place to go when you need one.

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