How To Pack For Europe!

Part of the most stressful part of traveling…you probably guessed it, packing. What can be even more stressful than a packed airport in August or getting lost in a new place can be made so much easier. 

There is so much to consider while packing. What the weather will be like, what activities you plan on doing, how long you are staying, and how much you want to slug around are all important factors to think about. My goal here is to make this whole process easier so read below to ease your stress. 

Choosing your luggage is the first step to get started when beginning to pack. Think about the length of your travel and if you are staying in one place or going to multiple. If you are staying in one place or travelling to many but have a “home base”, I highly recommend getting a soft shelled rolling suitcase. I suggest a soft shelled one because it can allow you more freedom to fit things in. If you do decide to bring a wheeling suitcase, be aware of the cobblestones in Europe. They take up most of the continent and can be difficult with suitcases. Another thing about Europe, elevators are scarce and very small. As someone who is claustrophobic, I opted for the stairs every time, even with my large suitcase. 

Another option to avoid the troubles of cobblestones or elevators is a travel backpack or duffle. Depepnding on the amount you pack or what you buy from your travels, this can become very heavy and uncomfortable. A good thing is that depending on the weight you probably don’t have to check the bag, meaning less waiting time once you get to your destination. 

Now that you have decided what luggage to bring, you have to figure out what to put in it. The first piece of advice I can give is to pack light. Bringing basics can allow you to mix and match different outfits to remain stylish and below the weight limit of your suitcase. One of the best parts of Europe is the shopping, and packing light will allow you for more room when you leave. 

The season you plan on travelling is vital when thinking about packing. Summers in Europe are HOT, meaning there’s no need for long shirts or anything warm, but check each country you are planning to visit because some are different. I suggest bringing 1-2 pairs of long pants that can be matched with day and night outfits. If youre traveling after August, the weather gets colder so warmer clothes are necessary.

Shoes are probably the hardest thing to decide on while packing. You want to look fashionable but comfort is ultimately the key to a smooth sailing vacation. If youre travelling in the summer, I suggest you bring three pairs of shoes. One comfortable everyday sneaker for all the walking, one fancier night time shoe and a pair of sandals for the beach or to switch from your sneakers. If youre not traveling in the summer, forget about the sneakers. Any shoe that you bring should already be broken in to avoid blisters. 

Next, think about accessories. Bring a crossbody or backpack to put all your everyday essentials, but nothing crazy expensive as that can put a target on your back. As for jewlery, I suggest buying a travel jewlery organizer (you can get one from amazon, check out my travel essentials post) and bring a few pieces you can mix and match to elevate your look. 

Packing for Europe can seem like a lot, but following these tricks can make your life a lot easier.

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