Travel Destination Guide: Paris, France

The city of love and the city of light, Paris is an absolute dream. Filled with delicious pastries, incredible museums and a bustling nightlife, Paris is THE place to fall in love with. Since this post is about Paris, and my friends always urge me to share this “cool” fact, I will. So, fun fact about me, I took my first steps ever at the Eiffel Tower. Anyways, read along and see everything you should do if you plan to visit. 


Angelina Paris- The Croque Madame… to die for. Their famous thick hot chocolate… also to die for. This famous tea room with a beautiful interior is the perfect brunch spot in Paris. 

Da Rosa- A very small, quiet restaurant with smaller plates but they are all mouth watering. It is super trendy and delicious, definitely recommended.

Carette Paris- The first spot we went to on our first day. Their mimosas paired with life-changing pastries are a 10000/10. 

Museums/Other activities:

The Louvre- Housing the Mona Lisa and many other incredibly famous paintings, the Louvre is an exquisite and necessary museum to visit in Paris. For around 15 Euros, you can rent a portable guide and headphones to direct you through the museum, something I found very helpful. 

The Eiffel Tower- A Paris staple, shall I say more? From nightfall until 1 am, at every hour it sparkles for 5 minutes. My best advice, grab a blanket and bottle of wine and sit under the tower to watch it sparkle. Doesn’t matter if you’re by yourself, some friends, or a special someone, it is truly a magical experience. If you feel adventurous, you can even walk all the way up (or take the elevator)! The top of the tower features small shops and snacks with an expensive restaurant. 

Tuileries Garden/ Palace de la Concorde- The gardens separate the Louvre and the Palace, so they are all very close to eachother and beautiful to visit. During this past summer, they even had a ferris wheel which gave some incredible views!


Rex Club- A cool fun place the receptionist at the front desk of our hostel recommended us. There were some good drinks and music, but it did not get packed until around 1 am. This is the place for techno and electronic music and is one of the city’s oldest nightclubs!

L’Arc- Right across from the Arc D’Triumph, it is an upscale “edgy” nightclub with a roof top garden of the beautiful city of Paris. The place has a pretty strict dress code, and will deny you if they don’t think you fit the vibe. The first night, my friends and I wore sneakers and were not allowed in, but the next night in heels we were good to go. 

Le Duplex- This is the club we went to after wearing sneakers to L’Arc. Let me tell everyone, it was an incredible night. The club has its main floor and then a sick basement, so when the top level starts to clear out, you know it’s time to head down. I wish I was kidding when I say we stayed there until 5 am and even when we left, it was still packed. It is right next to L’Arc and the Arc D’Triumph. We still talk about this night to this day, so if youre looking for a great time to dance your you-know-what off, this is your place. 

Au Revoir!

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