Culture Shocks Abroad

Going outside of your home country can be a step out of your comfort zone, but is something I urge everyone to experience. Even if you go to a different state, the culture is so different from what you are used to. But, especially when you leave your country, everything changes. It is so much better to go prepared and have an idea of what you will see and hear than going in blind. So, with that being said, these are some culture shocks you might experience abroad. 


With different countries comes different delicacies, some you might have heard of. Some things you would never think you would eat until you go to a country that considers it a delicacy. Even for someone with an open minded appetite like me, it is good to know what you are getting yourself into. 

Here are some examples I have seen abroad:

-Florence has a famous steak called Flourentine Steak. It is raw. Like, purple raw. This was something we did not expect until we got there but still decided to try it and it was good! 

-Snails in Paris, or as they call it, escargo. Personally, I’ve only tried it once as a kid when I was there. 

-Boudin in France is actually horse meat and blood sausage

-Icelandic people enjoy puffins, reindeer, and rotten sharks. 

Expect the food to be different and open your mind to trying new things!

Language Barriers

Ive talked about this issue a few times in my blogs, but language barriers can be so difficult when youre traveling. Simple tasks like going to the bathroom, paying for things, or public transportation can become extra difficult. It can be frustrating and scary, especially if you go somewhere such as Israel or Japan where the alphabet is completely different. 

Some helpful tips for language barriers:

-Don’t assume everyone speaks english, more often than not they won’t. You also have more of a chance of locals being rude to you if you just assume. Trust me, they would rather see you try to speak their language.

-Learn a few phrases to start off, key ones you think you will use daily.

-Download a translator app for when youre really stuck


Something that is considered customary in the United States is not really used anywhere else. Especially in Europe, if you decide to tip it is not anything near the 20% one normally does here, but most times you won’t tip. You can round up to the nearest whole number if you want, but it is not necessary. Some restaurants in Europe already charge a service fee which is considered a tip. 


Whether it’s practicing nudity or modesty, be prepared for what you will discover abroad. 

-European countries offer nude beaches or nude sections of beachers. It is very common. Do. Not. Stare. 

-Modesty is the other end of the line, but many countries have large muslim populations. Women will cover themselves fully (or how they please). If you plan on visiting a Muslim country, they might have rules on what you can and cannot wear and how much you should cover up. Be prepared.

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