Travel Destination Guide: Amsterdam

Traveling to the beautiful city of Amsterdam was a little different than the rest of my trips. We went there with only two set plans, a boat tour and a bar crawl, yet this trip was one of my favorites. Amsterdam is a city on water with so much to discover and enjoy. While this post won’t have exact restaurants, it will feature a lot of suggestions of what to do.

Take A Boat Tour!

Since Amsterdam is a city on water, the perfect way to discover it is on a boat! There are many different options for boats depending on what you want. Some tours, you can buy a ticket and get on and off whenever you please. You can do a private or public boat tour depending on your plans and budget. There is even a company for smoking tours, as Amsterdam is famous for their “coffee shops”, for anyone interested in partaking in those activities. Prices range from around 13 euros to 500 depending on what you’re looking for. 

Bar Crawl for a Night!

Going to Amsterdam, we weren’t really sure what the vibes would be and where to go for nightlife. We found this incredible bar crawl company and had ourselves a night. They took us to 3 different bars and 3 different clubs, where we got great deals on drinks and it was around 25 euros for a whole night. They even had a limbo contest, and I bet you guys can guess who the winners were…The company knew the best places to take us and we were able to make friends doing it too!

Visit the Anne Frank House!

Even if history isn’t a big thing for you, the Anne Frank house is a must see for anyone visiting Amsterdam. I am grateful enough to have been able to see it twice, and both times brought chills and tears to my eyes. It is a life changing, emotional experience, but make sure to get your tickets in advance to avoid long wait times. 

Try Poffertjes!

These mini pancakes are a traditional Dutch treat, and they are mouth watering incredible. Powdered sugar, nutella, lemon, syrup, or even plain, these delicious treats made up 90% of the meals we ate. You can find them at most cafe’s, but PLEASE try them. 

Rent a Bike!

Not only is Amsterdam a city on water, I would also consider it a huge biking city. Driving is not that big and most people ride bikes to get around. It is super easy to pick one up as they are everywhere. I would make sure you are confident in your bike riding skills because the bike lanes can get packed with skilled Amsterdam bikers. 

Walk the Red Light District!

Definitely for the more curious people, this is not only where prosititution is legal, but a lot of the nightlife is found here. The prostitution is regulated and supervised here, but it is something interesting to see. 

Visit the Van Gogh Museum

Home to some of the artist’s largest collections, this museum is definitely worth the trip. You can get a more intimate look into his life, and see the mastermind behind the famous works of art.

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