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  • How To Survive a Long Flight

    Going on an airplane is probably one of the most time consuming aspects of traveling. You have to get to the airport hours before, sit on a long, cramped flight, and have some iffy food. There are a few ways to make your flight a little more tolerable, and I’m here to show you. I… Read more

  • Travel Destination Guide: Amsterdam

    Traveling to the beautiful city of Amsterdam was a little different than the rest of my trips. We went there with only two set plans, a boat tour and a bar crawl, yet this trip was one of my favorites. Amsterdam is a city on water with so much to discover and enjoy. While this… Read more

  • Culture Shocks Abroad

    Going outside of your home country can be a step out of your comfort zone, but is something I urge everyone to experience. Even if you go to a different state, the culture is so different from what you are used to. But, especially when you leave your country, everything changes. It is so much… Read more

  • Travel Destination Guide: Paris, France

    The city of love and the city of light, Paris is an absolute dream. Filled with delicious pastries, incredible museums and a bustling nightlife, Paris is THE place to fall in love with. Since this post is about Paris, and my friends always urge me to share this “cool” fact, I will. So, fun fact… Read more

  • Top 5 Travel Hacks!

    If you’ve been reading my blog, you know how stressful and difficult traveling can be. My main goal is to make it easier on every reader so they can enjoy whatever adventure you decide to embark on!  One of the worst things about airports are the long security lines. They can impact your whole trip… Read more

  • Travel Destination Guide: Israel

    A beautiful country the size of New Jersey, I consider Israel my second home and a country everyone should visit. This country offers so much to see and do, full of life, history, and delicious food. Israel is rich in activities, and each city holds a unique treasure. I have been going to Israel since… Read more