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  • How To Pack For Europe!

    Part of the most stressful part of traveling…you probably guessed it, packing. What can be even more stressful than a packed airport in August or getting lost in a new place can be made so much easier.  There is so much to consider while packing. What the weather will be like, what activities you plan… Read more

  • Day Trips in Italy

    Day Trips in Italy

    Italy is a large country full of so much to see and do, and vacations are hardly enough to explore the whole country with everything it has to offer. While staying in Florence, I was able to make the journey to a few day trips and saw so many different aspects of the country I… Read more

  • Travel Destination Guide: Amalfi Coast, Italy

    The Alamafi Coast, home to spectacular sunsets, breathtaking views, and some of the clearest water you can imagine is one of Italy’s most popular destinations. The coast which is comprised of 13 towns offers a world of food, lemons, and activities to enjoy. I had the privilege of exploring Capri, Sorrento, and Positano, plus a… Read more

  • Common Tourist Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

    As soon as you arrive at an airport, you become a tourist. Embarking on a vacation can be an exciting new chapter to begin, and knowing the in’s and out’s of any trip can make your life so much easier. Being a tourist is not a bad thing, it means you are going out and… Read more

  • How to Save Money While Traveling

    Traveling the world can become costly if you aren’t careful, but that shouldn’t discourage anyone from doing it! With these tips and tricks, youll be able to save money while having the time of your life. Before going anywhere, make sure you budget an amount of money to use. It will make things easier when… Read more

  • Travel Destination Guide: Florence

    Italy might be one of the most magical places on Earth, and I had the trip of my lifetime living in Florence for a whole month (although I wish it was longer). During my stay, I went to so many different restaurants, bars, clubs, museums, and other activities that just made my trip even more… Read more