How to Save Money While Traveling

Traveling the world can become costly if you aren’t careful, but that shouldn’t discourage anyone from doing it! With these tips and tricks, youll be able to save money while having the time of your life. Before going anywhere, make sure you budget an amount of money to use. It will make things easier when you get to your destination, trust me. 

  1. Fly in the off seasons.

One of your biggest expenses for a trip is the flight. Especially during the regular season, these prices can get hefty. I do have to warn you of the slight cons. Off season normally means winter, so if you’re looking for the hot European summer, this might not work. In that case, look for flights in the middle of the week since they are normally cheaper. Also, flying earlier in the week can also be cheaper. 

  1. Plan/Book activities beforehand 

Adventures and activities can take time to plan, plus they tend to cost more once you get there. Before my roomate and I country hopped, we would plan and pay for the activities we wanted to do. This also gives you the chance to find some coupons!

  1. Walk. Everywhere

Bring the most comfortable pair of shoes you own and get walking. Taxis are hard to get and Uber is not big in a lot of countries, plus the money adds up. Europe is meant to be walked and public transportation is cheaper for those longer commutes.

  1. Give up on hotels

AirBnB’s and hostels are not only cheaper but come with a lot of perks. For one, an AirBnB is a great way to explore the area you travel to while being immersed in the culture. Plus, hostels are cost efficient and are a great way to meet people! Hotels are overrated and always overpriced. Just be sure to do some extra research when looking!

  1. Haggle. Haggle. Haggle. 

Souvenirs and gifts are another expense that can rack up. Especially when it comes to tourist shops and markets, the shopkeepers are always ready to haggle. Keep your head strong and price in mind to get what you want. 

  1. Avoid eating out for every meal

European grocery stores have so much delicious food and eating out three meals a day is expensive. I recommend choosing one meal a day to eat out (of course get all the delicacies you want, just be mindful). 

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